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Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates

CVS for Requesting Organizations

CVS Requests

ECFMG accepts requests for confirmation of an IMG’s ECFMG certification status from medical licensing authorities/state medical boards, residency/fellowship programs, hospitals, HMOs, and other organizations that, in the judgment of ECFMG, have a legitimate interest in such information. All requests must include:

  • the Organization Number/Program Identification Number, if known;
  • the physician’s USMLE/ECFMG Identification Number;
  • the physician’s name; and
  • the physician’s date of birth.

Requesting organizations must normally secure and retain the physician’s signed authorization to obtain certification information. Organizations may not resell the ECFMG certification information or make it available to any party beyond the initial request as authorized by the physician. The information may only be used to confirm ECFMG Certification for the purpose for which the physician provided authorization.

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[Last update: February 28, 2022]

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