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Certification Verification Service (CVS) Overview

ECFMG's Certification Verification Service (CVS) provides prompt, primary-source confirmation of the ECFMG certification status of international medical graduates (IMGs).

CVS reports received directly from ECFMG meet primary-source verification requirements for graduation from international medical schools.

  • Recognized by The Joint Commission as a designated equivalent source for verification of a physician’s graduation from a foreign medical school.
  • Recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) as an acceptable verification source for international medical school graduation for physicians licensed in the United States after 1986.

Requesting a CVS Report

Requests for an IMG’s certification status can be made by the following entities:

  • Medical licensing authorities,
  • State medical boards,
  • Residency/fellowship programs,
  • Hospitals, or
  • Other organizations that, in the judgment of ECFMG, have a legitimate interest in such information.

Special Note: IMGs can request status reports be sent to medical licensing authorities/state medical boards. IMGs cannot request CVS reports be sent to non-licensing entities.

For complete information on submitting CVS requests, select the appropriate link below.

CVS for IMGs

CVS for Requesting Organizations

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[Last update: February 28, 2022]

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