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What is the difference between an administrator and a report recipient?

An administrator selects which report recipients can request information using the organization’s ID number (V-0xxxx) or Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) program ID number. Once an administrator approves a report recipient, the report recipient can request confirmations of ECFMG certification status. A report recipient and an administrator can be the same person.

What should I do if CVS ON-LINE is unable to locate an applicant based on the information I entered?

Please verify that the data you entered is correct. If it is, the data you entered does not agree with our records. Please contact us at If the physician’s ECFMG record is incorrect, he/she will be required to complete and submit a Request to Change Applicant Biographic Information (Form 182) and the required documentation to correct the information on record.

I have a CVS ON-LINE account and need to make a change to my report recipient information, what should I do?

Please contact us by phone at (215) 823-2165 or by e-mail at

How long does it take to process a request?

Requests are processed within two weeks of receipt of a completed request at ECFMG.

How can requesters verify receipt and processing of their requests?

ECFMG’s Applicant Information Services (AIS) representatives can verify processing of requests. To speak with an AIS representative, call (215) 386-5900.

How can I verify the authenticity of a report?

To verify the authenticity of a report, please visit the secure URL printed on the report and enter the unique report verification code found on the bottom of the report.

How is incorrect information on a report corrected?

Upon notification of the discrepancy, ECFMG will review the physician’s file. In some instances, the physician may be required to submit documents to ECFMG. If information is changed, ECFMG will send a revised report.

How are requests from “Fifth Pathway” physicians handled?

The Fifth Pathway was an American Medical Association program. Fifth Pathway physicians are not certified by ECFMG. As a result, ECFMG does not verify Fifth Pathway status. ECFMG will send a response stating that the physician is not ECFMG certified.

How are requests regarding graduates of medical schools in Canada and Puerto Rico handled?

Graduates of medical schools in the United States (including Puerto Rico) and Canada are not considered IMGs and therefore are not required to obtain ECFMG Certification. An ECFMG Identification Number is issued to graduates of Canadian medical schools only for purposes of Exchange Visitor Sponsorship (J-1 visa).

What if the requesting organization does not receive the report?

If the requesting organization requests to receive a paper report and does not receive the report, ECFMG will honor requests for duplicate reports at no additional cost up to 90 days after the date that the original report was processed.

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[Last update: June 17, 2016]

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