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CVS Reports

CVS issues two types of reports: confirmation reports and status reports.

A confirmation report verifies only whether an IMG is ECFMG certified. These reports are sent to hospitals, HMOs, and other organizations that require confirmation of ECFMG Certification for employment purposes. Requests from IMGs are not accepted for this purpose.

A completed confirmation report will include the following information:

A status report verifies an IMG's ECFMG certification status, but also indicates passing performance on exams, medical school information, and the status of the individual's medical education credentials. These reports are sent to state medical boards/medical licensing authorities and residency/fellowship programs. IMGs may request to have a status report sent to a state medical board/medical licensing authority but not a residency/fellowship program.

A completed status report will include the following information:

*USMLE scores are not included in status reports. State medical boards/medical licensing authorities that require additional USMLE information should contact the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB). If a residency/fellowship programs requires additional USMLE information, you must request a USMLE transcript.

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