Exchange Visitor Sponsorship Program (EVSP)


For J-1 Host Institutions

Training Program Liaisons (TPLs) are individuals designated by a host institution to facilitate the J-1 physician sponsorship application process and ensure compliance with federal requirements for participation. Refer to the Roles and Responsibilities webpage for more information.

Adding a New TPL

Only an institution’s Designated Institutional Official (DIO) can request that a new TPL be added. The DIO must complete, sign, and submit the Request to Add a New Training Program Liaison (TPL) form. Upon receipt of the DIO’s request, ECFMG will e-mail the prospective TPL with instructions to:

Once the acknowledgement form is received by ECFMG, the new TPL will be sent instructions to create an Exchange Visitor Network (EVNet) account.


EVNet is a secure, on-line platform through which TPLs can submit appointment details, upload supporting documentation, and manage various aspects of the J-1 sponsorship process. TPLs can also access:

For assistance accessing or using EVNet, contact EVSP by phone at (215) 823-2121, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time in the United States, or by e-mail at

TPL Resources

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