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SEVIS Termination

General Information

All ECFMG-sponsored physicians are required to maintain J-1 status while in the United States. To maintain J-1 status, physicians must be engaged in full-time programs of graduate medical education and compliant with all federal regulations, U.S. laws, and ECFMG rules for program participation.*

If a physician is not compliant with regulations, laws, or sponsor rules, and/or is terminated from a training program due to a disciplinary action** or other significant issue related to professionalism, medical knowledge, and/or patient care, the individual may also be subject to termination in Student and Exchange Visitor Information Systems (SEVIS). In cases of termination, the “30-day grace period” typically afforded to J visa holders does not apply. Days of unlawful presence will begin when the SEVIS record is terminated.

Consequences of DS-2019/SEVIS Termination

  1. Those terminated in SEVIS are not eligible for future ECFMG sponsorship.
  2. Delayed departure after termination of a SEVIS record may impact an individual’s ability to secure a U.S. visa and/or qualify for future reentry into the United States.
  3. If an individual’s SEVIS record is terminated and the individual remains in the United States, s/he will likely accrue unlawful presence. This can have serious repercussions and may result in the individual being barred from the United States for many years, or even permanently.

*See the EVSP Reference Guide, Required Orientation Modules, and the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Section 22 CFR Part 62 for additional information.

**Disciplinary actions by a host institution/training program are expected to follow ACGME requirements for Sponsoring Institutions. ECFMG defers discretion for disciplinary actions related to the training program and/or trainee performance to the host institution. ECFMG does not intervene in institutional contractual issues. J-1 physicians who resign in lieu of termination may not be eligible for future sponsorship and the 30-day grace period may not apply.

[Last update: March 17, 2021]

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