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Looking for information on EPIC fees and payment? See Fees on the EPIC website.

Full payment is due at the time you submit an application or request a service. If your application/request is rejected, any payment received with that application/request will be credited to your ECFMG financial account.

Funds in an applicant’s ECFMG financial account will be available for a period of two years to pay for applications/requests. Any funds not used during a two-year period will be forfeited to ECFMG; this means that the applicant will lose those funds. See Forfeiture of Funds.

If you owe money to ECFMG at the time that your application/request is processed, ECFMG will apply the payment included with your application/request to the amount that you owe. Any money that is left after this will be used to pay for the application/request. If there is not enough money remaining to pay for the application/request, your application/request will be rejected.

If you submit a paper request and do not include payment, or if the payment you include is not sufficient to cover all fees, we will use the money in your ECFMG financial account to pay for the request. If the money in your account is not sufficient to cover all fees, your request will be rejected.

You can check the status of your ECFMG financial account and make on-line payments using OASIS or the MyECFMG mobile app. ECFMG’s on-line payment is secured using industry-standard encryption technology.

All fees are in U.S. dollars. Fees are subject to change without notice.

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