Exchange Visitor Sponsorship Program (EVSP)


The ECFMG|FAIMER Exchange Visitor Sponsorship Program (EVSP) continues to provide its services and communicate to relevant stakeholders about new immigration or COVID-19 issues that impact exchange visitor physicians. Review previous COVID-19 communications here. ECFMG|FAIMER remains dedicated to supporting training programs and foreign national physicians through this challenging time.

For J-1 Applicants/Physicians

Application and Supporting Documentation Instructions

The application process requires completion of each of the following steps in the order listed below:

  1. TPL submits an on-line appointment profile through EVNet.
  2. For each applicant, TPL uploads the necessary supporting documents through EVNet.
  3. Through OASIS, applicant accepts on-line appointment profile, pays the administrative/application fee, completes the electronic application, and uploads any required supporting documentation not uploaded by the TPL.

NOTE: Supporting documents uploaded through EVNet or OASIS must be in Portable Document Format (PDF), and files must be uploaded one at a time.

ECFMG will communicate directly with the TPL regarding any application deficiency and/or requests for additional documentation. Applicants and/or TPLs are advised to retain copies of all documentation submitted to ECFMG.

Once sponsorship is approved, the original Form DS-2019 is mailed to the TPL via United States Postal Service, first class mail for distribution to the J-1 physician or research scholar. ECFMG will send the DS-2019 to the TPL by express courier service ONLY if a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label is uploaded to the applicant’s on-line record.

Upon receipt of an on-line sponsorship application and supporting documentation, EVSP reserves the following timeframes for review and processing of complete applications:

Shipping Label FAQs
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1. What is a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label?

Typically created online through an express shipping courier such as FedEx, UPS or DHL, a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label is a mailing label used to ship a document or package.

2. Why upload an express shipping label?

Once a sponsorship application is approved, EVSP issues Form DS-2019 and mails it to the host institution’s Training Program Liaison (TPL) via the U.S. Postal Service’s (USPS’) regular first-class mail. An express courier service will generally deliver packages more quickly than the USPS. An additional benefit is that a package’s transit can be tracked on-line, including delivery confirmation. Items mailed via the USPS cannot be tracked.

3. When should a shipping label be submitted to EVSP?

If expedited delivery of Form DS-2019 is desired, a prepaid/preaddressed shipping label must be uploaded to an applicant’s online application record at the same time as all other required supporting documentation. If not provided prior to application review, use of a shipping label cannot be guaranteed.

4. Can EVSP use my account on file with ECFMG to create the shipping label?

No. EVSP cannot create a shipping label on behalf of an institution or application. As indicated above, the shipping label must be provided prior to EVSP’s review of an application.

5. Which express courier service does EVSP recommend or prefer?

EVSP does not recommend or endorse a particular courier service.

6. Is it necessary to schedule a pick-up for the package?

No. Scheduling a package pick-up is not required. EVSP works directly with the courier companies to arrange for pick-up from our office location.

7. To whom does the shipping label need to be addressed?

Form DS-2019 is sent to the TPL at the host training institution. Therefore, any pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label provided with an application for sponsorship must be addressed to the TPL. The “From” address on the shipping label must list ECFMG’s street address of 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

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