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Transfer Students

If you attended more than one medical school to earn your medical degree, you are considered a transfer student and should submit the medical school transcripts from each of the medical schools you attended.

How you will submit your transfer school transcripts depends on whether or not your medical school of graduation participates in the EMSWP ERAS program. To find out if your medical school participates in EMSWP ERAS, you can use the MyECFMG mobile app or contact the Dean’s office of your medical school.

If your medical school of graduation does not participate in EMSWP ERAS
Upload your medical school transcripts using ECFMG’s OASIS. Please be sure to scan, save, and upload all pages of your medical school transcripts as one single PDF file.

If your medical school of graduation does participate in EMSWP ERAS
If your medical school of graduation is willing and authorized to upload transcripts from your transfer school, you or your transfer school must provide your transfer transcripts to the EMSWP ERAS Coordinator at your medical school of graduation. The EMSWP ERAS Coordinator will need to merge all pages of all transcripts into one single PDF file before uploading the file. Please note that medical schools may have policies against submitting medical school transcripts to, or on behalf of, other medical schools. Please contact your medical schools regarding their policies.

If either school has a policy which prevents submission of your transcripts together, the transcripts can be submitted separately. Your medical school of graduation should submit its transcript using EMSWP ERAS. If you have a copy of your transfer transcript from your transfer school, you may submit it as a PDF file to ERAS Support Services at ECFMG at If you do not have a copy of your transfer transcript, contact the Dean’s office of your transfer school and request that they submit your transcript as a PDF file to Please note this e-mail address is for transfer students’ transcripts ONLY. Other types of supporting documents, such as letters of recommendation or transcripts for non-transfer students, should not be submitted to this e-mail address and will not be processed.

Once all transcripts have been received by ERAS Support Services at ECFMG, we will merge them together and process them to your MyERAS application.

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