The U.S. Residency Interview ProcessInterviewing for Residency in the U.S.- Vol. 3

Prepare to confidently engage others and present your best self when interviewing for U.S. residency positions. In this webinar, experts from Cook County Health and members of the American College of Physicians® (ACP) present information on:

Residency Interview Resources

American Academy of Family Physicians
The Residency Interview Process

American College of Physicians
Preparing for Residency Interviews

American College of Surgeons
What Is the Residency Interview Process Like?
Residency Interview Questions

Residency Interview Tips, Questions, and Answers!
Communicating with Programs after the Interview
Mastering the Residency Interview
The U.S. Residency Interview, Volume 1
The U.S. Residency Interview Process, Volume 2

National Resident Matching Program®
Applying to and Interviewing with Residency Programs
Program Information Available to Applicants During the Interview Process
Professionalism and The Match

Featured Speakers

Lawrence B. Wolf, M.D., FACP
Suja M. Mathew, MD, FACP
Chair of Medicine
Cook County Health
Governor, ACP Northern Illinois
Christine Acob, MD, FACP
Christine Acob, MD, FACP
Program Director
Internal Medicine Residency Program
Cook County Health
Shalini Reddy, MD, MHPE, FACP
Shalini Reddy, MD, MHPE, FACP
Associate Program Director
Internal Medicine Residency Program
Cook County Health