Caring For Kids And Their ParentsCaring For Kids And Their Parents

About Caring for Kids… and Their Parents! | Teen Confidentiality | Internet Parents | Child Abuse | Connecting Through Kids’ Culture

About Caring for Kids… and Their Parents!

Caring for Kids... and Their Parents! is a series of modules designed to assist international medical graduates (IMGs) entering the U.S. medical education and health care systems with aspects of medical culture related to providing care for pediatric patients and interacting with their parents or caregivers. The series is certainly not exhaustive, but includes the areas in which IMGs most frequently have questions.

Each module includes:

Topic Modules:

  1. Teen Confidentiality
  2. Internet Parents
  3. Child Abuse
  4. Connecting Through Kids’ Culture

ECHO also offers a similar set of modules on general aspects of medical practice but that also have relevance to pediatric and adolescent care: The One Dozen Most Important Things You May Not Have Known, Understood, or Realized About American Medicine.

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