ECFMG-NRMP Webinar: Interactive Data Tools to Assist Applicants in the MatchECFMG-NRMP Webinar: Interactive Data Tools to Assist Applicants in the Match

Determining which specialty, or specialties, may be a good fit for you has just gotten easier with the National Resident Matching Program’s® (NRMP®) new interactive tools for applicants participating in the Main Residency Match®.

In this webinar, Mei Liang, Director of Research at NRMP, demonstrates how to use the Interactive Charting Outcomes in the Match and the At-A-Glance Program Director Survey.

Interactive Charting Outcomes in the Match allows applicants to compare their personal characteristics, including USMLE® scores, number of publications, additional degrees, etc. with those of prior year applicants who did and did not match to their preferred specialties. By allowing applicants to manipulate the data, this interactive tool complements the PDF versions of Charting Outcomes in the Match.

The At-A-Glance Program Director Survey enables applicants to move seamlessly among 23 specialties to gauge how program directors assess the importance of various factors such as USMLE scores, the medical school performance evaluation (MSPE), and personal statements as well as the numbers of applications received, interviews offered, and applicants ranked.

NOTE: These tools are NOT designed to predict success or failure in the Match.

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Guest Speaker

Mei Liang, M.S.
Director of Research
National Resident Matching Program