One Dozen ThingsOne Dozen Things

About the One Dozen Things

The One Dozen Most Important Things You May Not Have Known, Understood, or Realized About American Medicine is a series of modules designed to introduce international medical graduates (IMGs) who are entering the U.S. medical education and health care systems to the medical culture in which they will be working. The series includes areas in which IMGs most frequently have questions.

Each module includes:

Topic Modules:

  1. The Doctor-Patient Relationship
  2. The Role of the Patient’s Family
  3. Confidentiality
  4. The Health Care Team
  5. America Is a Litigious Society
  6. Document, Document, Document!
  7. Who Pays the Bills?
  8. Gender Issues and Discrimination
  9. Safety and Errors
  10. Informed Consent
  11. U.S. Graduate Medical Education
  12. Above All, Professionalism

ECHO also offers a similar set of modules on issues having to do with aspects of medical culture as they relate to pediatric patients and their parents or caregivers: Caring for Kids… and Their Parents!

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