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ECFMG has launched a new service, the Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials (EPIC). We at ECHO want you to know all about it, not only because EPIC is a powerful tool for those pursuing careers in medicine, but also because it offers special benefits for ECFMG-certified physicians.

With EPIC you can:

And if you’ve already had credentials primary-source verified by ECFMG, those credentials and their verifications will be added to your EPIC portfolio at no cost!

Your Portfolio—Ready Where and When You Need It
Looking for a job, volunteering, relocating? Throughout your career in medicine, your qualifications will be evaluated again and again. A critical part of establishing your qualifications is demonstrating that your medical credentials—medical diploma, transcripts, postgraduate training credentials, and certificates of medical registration/licensure—are authentic.

With EPIC, you’ll be ready to respond. EPIC allows you to have your credentials primary-source verified by ECFMG in advance, so they’ll be ready when you need them. Pursuing different career options, perhaps in different locations? With EPIC, you can request to send your credentials, and reports verifying their authenticity, to any organization, anywhere in the world. And since EPIC is a web-based service, you can access your account, upload credentials, and request reports electronically, at your convenience.

As a medical student, graduate, or trainee, your EPIC portfolio will grow with your career. By establishing your portfolio now and adding credentials as you receive them, you’ll help to ensure that your credentials and proof of their authenticity will be ready to send, at the push of a button, as you identify important career opportunities.

Your Credentials—Backed by ECFMG’s World-class Reputation
ECFMG is a world expert in primary-source verification of physician credentials. ECFMG’s process, which includes verifying the authenticity of a document directly with the institution that issued it, is recognized and respected around the world. When you use EPIC, you provide medical regulatory authorities (MRAs), medical education and training programs, hospitals, and other entities with assurance that your credentials are authentic.

ECFMG’s expertise in the primary-source verification of physician credentials has long been available to organizations through its Certification Program and the ECFMG International Credentials Services (EICS). For the first time, EPIC makes this service available to individual physicians—in a way that is both convenient and affordable.

Special Benefits for ECFMG-certified Physicians
EPIC is affordable. You decide how and when to use it, and then only pay for the services you use.

If you’ve already had credentials primary-source verified by ECFMG, we have great news! ECFMG will add those credentials and their verifications to your EPIC portfolio at no cost. Simply provide your ECFMG/USMLE ID when you establish your EPIC account. You don’t need to worry about having these credentials verified again, wait for the verifications, or pay the associated fee. This means that you’ll save time and money when building your portfolio.

Learn More
Visit the EPIC website now to learn more about how EPIC works, fees, and how EPIC can benefit you.

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