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2024 Medical School Accreditation Requirement

WFME Recognition Programme

The WFME Recognition Programme is the only program accepted by ECFMG at this time for the recognition of medical school accrediting agencies. WFME’s recognition criteria, based on guidelines developed by the World Health Organization and WFME, provide flexibility for the development of accreditation standards that fit the context of a country’s medical education system, while also ensuring that the schools being accredited by the agency meet rigorous quality measures.

To view agencies that have achieved WFME recognition or that are in the process of applying for recognition, see this PDF document, hosted on the Recognition Programme page of the WFME website. These agencies, in turn, list accredited medical schools on their websites.

To view countries served by accrediting agencies that are recognized by WFME or that are in the process of applying for recognition, see this map on the WFME website. In addition to those indicated on the map, many other countries/agencies are currently in discussion with WFME regarding the recognition process.

Questions regarding the WFME Recognition Programme may be directed to accreditation@wfme.org.

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