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2024 Medical School Accreditation Requirement

Implementation of the 2023 Medical School Accreditation Requirement has been moved to 2024. See also our announcement.

Four-Phase Implementation Plan

Since the announcement in 2010, ECFMG has developed a transition plan for the implementation of the 2024 Accreditation Requirement. This four-phase plan will provide medical students, graduate medical education (GME) program directors, and others with information to guide their decision making.

2024 Accreditation Four-Phase Implementation Plan

Phase 1 – 2018: New ECFMG web resource to help students make better decisions on medical school selection

Phase 2 – 2022: World Directory of Medical Schools includes accreditation status of medical school

Phase 3 – 2023: ECFMG reports include information on accreditation status of medical school

Phase 4 – 2024: Eligibility for ECFMG Certification is tied to accreditation status of medical school

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