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2024 Medical School Accreditation Requirement

Medical School Accreditation Requirement for ECFMG Certification

The 2024 (previously 2023) Medical School Accreditation Requirement was established by ECFMG in 2010 to stimulate international accreditation efforts and enhance the quality of medical education worldwide. The requirement is intended to encourage the development and implementation of standards for evaluating undergraduate medical education, to provide greater assurance to both medical students and the public that they will be appropriately trained.

Applicants and other interested individuals are encouraged to check this section frequently for updates.

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Accreditation Requirement

Starting in 2024, individuals applying for ECFMG Certification must be a student or graduate of a medical school that is appropriately accredited. More specifically, the school must be accredited by an accrediting agency that is officially recognized by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME).

The WFME Recognition Programme is the only program accepted by ECFMG at the current time for the recognition of medical school accrediting agencies.

Thus, beginning in 2024, medical schools will need to be accredited by a WFME-recognized accrediting agency if they wish to ensure their students and graduates are eligible for ECFMG Certification.

Advancing the Quality of Medical Education Worldwide: ECFMG's 2023 Medical School Accreditation Requirement

"Advancing the Quality of Medical Education Worldwide" available on the Journal of Medical Regulation website (PDF)

Eligibility Guidelines

Please note these guidelines may change over time in ECFMG’s sole discretion. All other ECFMG Certification-related policies will continue to apply.


Institutions in Process of Accreditation or Recognition

Loss of Accreditation Status

ECFMG recognizes the impact the 2024 Accreditation Requirement may have on current and future medical students and intends to implement the requirement in as reasonably fair and practical a manner as possible.

More Information to Come

ECFMG is committed to keeping all of our stakeholders informed as we move forward with the 2024 Accreditation Requirement. Further details will be published as they become available. Specific questions regarding the requirement may be sent to 2024@ecfmg.org.

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