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ECFMG 2024 Information Booklet

Medical Education Credentials

Transcript(s) to Document Transferred Credits

If you have transferred credits to the medical school that awarded or will award your medical degree, you must document these credits when you apply for examination, regardless of when the credits were earned. You must send to ECFMG a copy of an official transcript issued by the school or institution at which the course was taken. You can submit your credentials via our on-line services. Additional information and instructions are provided with the exam application.

You must submit the copy of the transcript in the original language. Documents that are not in English must be accompanied by an official English translation that meets ECFMG’s translation requirements. See English Translations in Medical Education Credentials.

Do not submit professional evaluations of your transcript. ECFMG does not accept such evaluations in lieu of your transcript.

To submit the transcript to ECFMG, follow the instructions for additional documents in the exam application.

The name on your transcript(s) to document transferred credits should match exactly the name in your record. If the name on your transcript does not match your name of record, you must submit documentation that verifies the name on your transcript is (or was) your name. See Name on Medical Diploma and Transcript(s) in Medical Education Credentials.

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[Last update: August 21, 2023]

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