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ECFMG 2024 Information Booklet

Medical Education Credentials

Verification of Credentials

ECFMG verifies every international medical graduate’s final medical diploma with the appropriate officials of the medical school that issued the diploma. At the same time, ECFMG requests the medical school to provide the final medical school transcript. Transcripts to document transferred credits are also subject to verification by ECFMG with the issuing school. You will not fulfill the ECFMG medical education credential requirements until verification of your final medical diploma, final medical school transcript, and, if required, transfer credit transcript(s) is received directly from the issuing school(s) and accepted by ECFMG.

ECFMG will notify you when your diploma has been sent to your medical school for verification. As part of the verification process, ECFMG also may provide the medical school with other documents, including a copy of your identification form to aid in identification. ECFMG will follow up with your medical school if the requested verification is not received in a timely manner. ECFMG will notify you after receiving and evaluating the verification from your medical school. You can check the status of your medical education credentials on-line via our on-line services.

ECFMG reserves the right to reverify with the medical school the eligibility of medical school graduates who apply for examination. This may include reverification of the graduate’s medical education credentials with the issuing medical school. If such reverification is requested, the graduate will be registered for examination only after ECFMG has received reverification directly from the medical school. If reverification is requested after the graduate has been registered for examination, ECFMG may cancel the graduate’s registration or withhold the graduate’s score report until ECFMG has received reverification directly from the issuing school. If your registration is canceled, you may be required to reapply.

Important Notes: Applicants are responsible for any fees associated with the verification of the final medical diploma, final medical school transcript, and transcript(s) to document transferred credits. If your medical school charges a fee for the verification of your diploma and/or transcript, ECFMG will advise you to contact your medical school directly regarding the fee and the method of payment.
If the final medical school transcript provided by your medical school is not in English and an acceptable English translation is not provided by the medical school, ECFMG will have the transcript translated into English by an independent translation service. ECFMG will charge your financial account for the translation, and will subsequently notify you of the charge. ECFMG will not notify you before sending the document for translation. For information on the translation fee and how to make a payment to your financial account, see Fees and Payment in the Resources section of the ECFMG website.

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[Last update: August 21, 2023]

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