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The contact information in your record with us consists of your e-mail address, your address of residence, and your phone number. We will use your address of residence as your mailing address. Certain ECFMG correspondence, including your Standard ECFMG Certificate, requires a full mailing address.

You should ensure that the contact information in your record is current. You can check and update your contact information via our on-line services. You cannot submit changes to your contact information by e-mail. We will not process changes to contact information received from any person other than the applicant.

Changing your e-mail address of record does not update your e-mail address in your e-newsletter subscription(s). You can change your e-newsletter subscription preferences via the ECFMG website.

To protect the privacy of applicants, ECFMG will e-mail applicant-specific information only to the applicant’s e-mail address of record. If your e-mail inquiry requires a specific response, you must send your inquiry from the e-mail address in your record.

For further information regarding our data collection and privacy practices, please refer to our Privacy Notice .

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[Last update: August 21, 2023]

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