ECFMG 2021 Information Booklet

The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)

Examination Results

The USMLE program provides a recommended pass or fail outcome on all Step examinations. For ECFMG Certification, you must obtain at least the USMLE-recommended pass outcome for each required Step or Step Component. See Examination Requirements in Examinations for ECFMG Certification.

Score Reporting

Results for Step 1 and 2 CK are typically available three to four weeks after your test date. However, a number of factors may delay score reporting. When selecting your test date and inquiring about results, you should allow at least eight weeks to receive notification that your score report is available. For more specific information about potential scoring delays, visit the Announcements section on the home page of the USMLE website.

ECFMG reserves the right to reverify with the medical school the eligibility of medical school students and graduates who are registered for examination. If ECFMG requests reverification of your student/graduate status with your medical school, your score report will be issued only after reverification of your status has been received by ECFMG.

Score reports are issued in electronic format only and can be accessed using ECFMG's OASIS; you will not receive a paper score report by postal mail. Once your score report has been issued, ECFMG will send a notification to the e-mail address in your ECFMG record.

Score reports are available for approximately 365 days from the date of e-mail notification. Once the score report is removed from OASIS, your results will be provided to you only in the form of an official USMLE transcript. To obtain a transcript, you will be required to submit a request and pay a fee through the organization that registered you for the examination. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you print and/or save your score report while it is available.

Important Note: ECFMG may provide your medical school with data on your performance on administrations of USMLE Step 1 and Step 2. Data provided include whether you passed or failed the exam administration, and, for Step 1 and Step 2 CK, your numerical score. You have the option to withhold your exam results from your medical school. See ECFMG's Provision of Performance Data to Medical Schools in IWA for more information.

See Score Reporting in the USMLE Bulletin of Information for additional information. For up-to-date information on minimum passing scores, examination performance data, and general scoring methodology, please visit the USMLE website.

Score Validity

The USMLE program reserves the right to cancel scores that are at or above the passing level if the USMLE program has a good faith basis for questioning whether they represent a valid measure of knowledge or competence as sampled by the examination. If there are questions related to the validity of your score, your score report may be delayed or withheld pending completion of further review and/or investigation. See Score Validity in the USMLE Bulletin of Information.

USMLE Transcripts

To request an official USMLE transcript, you must contact the organization that registered you for the examination. You must contact the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) if you are registered for or have taken Step 3 and/or you want to send your transcript to a U.S. medical licensing authority. In all other cases, submit your transcript fee using OASIS and send a completed Request for Official USMLE® Transcript (Form 172) to ECFMG to process your transcript request. Form 172 and additional information are available in the Resources section of the ECFMG website and from ECFMG, upon request. You can use OASIS to check whether your USMLE transcript has been sent.

If you apply to residency programs through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS), you may request electronic transmittal of your USMLE transcript to these programs. For additional information, refer to the ERAS applicant information available in the ERAS Support Services section of the ECFMG website. Information on the status of requests for electronic transmittal of USMLE transcripts via ERAS is not available through OASIS. If the program does not participate in ERAS, you must submit a transcript request using Form 172 and pay the required fee.

Important Note: If you took the former ECFMG CSA, your USMLE transcript will indicate only that you have CSA examination history. It will not provide any additional information on your attempt(s) on the CSA. To request official copies of your CSA performance history, you must complete a Request for an Official ECFMG® CSA® History Chart (Form 297) and submit it to ECFMG with the appropriate fee. Form 297 is available in the Resources section of the ECFMG website and from ECFMG, upon request. For each attempt on the ECFMG CSA, the Official ECFMG CSA History Chart includes the month and year of the administration and the result of your performance. For additional information, refer to the instructions that accompany Form 297.

Score Rechecks

For all Steps and Step Components, a rigorous process is used to ensure the accuracy of scores, including a double scoring method involving independent scoring systems. Therefore, a change in your score or in your pass/fail outcome based on a recheck is an extremely remote possibility. To date, the score recheck process has not resulted in a score change. However, a recheck will be performed if you submit a Request for Recheck of USMLE® Step 1 or Step 2 CK Score (Form 265) and the fee for this service to ECFMG. Form 265 is available in the Resources section of the ECFMG website and from ECFMG, upon request. Your request must be received by ECFMG no later than 90 days after your result was released to you. See Score Rechecks in the USMLE Bulletin of Information for more information.